1E Therapeutics

1E Therapeutics is a breakthrough, drug development company creating first-in-class RNA-targeting therapeutics based on a proprietary drug design platform.

1E's groundbreaking process has proven uniquely able to develop innovative drugs that address chronic life threatening indications as well as emerging and evolving pathogens. 1E already has lead compounds that address a wide array of indications in oncology, age-related diseases, immunology, anti-microbial resistance, viral infections, and orphan neurological disorders.

1E Therapeutics’ lead scientist is Dr. Ido Bachelet, a PhD in medical sciences from Hebrew University who completed his postdoctoral training at MIT and Harvard at the George Church laboratory. Dr. Bachelet is a recognized pioneer in therapeutic DNA nanotechnology and synthetic biology as well as founder of several companies in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.

1E Therapeutics is fully funded for current development plans, and is actively hiring for its CMC, Research, Development and Manufacturing teams in its Rehovot R&D center and its GMP facility in Jerusalem.